The Only Pirate at the Party

The Only Pirate at the Party
by Lindsey Stirling and Brooke Passey

TheOnlyPirateAtThePartyThis was a very interesting book for me to read. Not only was it a far jump from my normal reading genres (I don’t read many (auto)biographies), but it was about an artist who is still alive…who is still making art. I had become a fan of her music just before her popularity skyrocketed, and it was quite fascinating to read her perspective on events that I had witnessed from the other side of the proverbial stage.

For example, I remember seeing on social media that she had a surprise visit from her sister while on tour in Tokyo, and it was obvious the visit was very meaningful to her, but until I read this book, I didn’t realize how strained their relationship had been (or why), and therefore I hadn’t realized just how important that visit was. Seeing the events from that perspective has given me a new-found respect for her and the journey that she has been on.

Lindsey and Brooke’s writing style was engaging, but the timeline they put on paper was far from chronological….especially once Lindsey entered high school. Of course, she hasn’t lived very long yet, so they were recounting recent history, and I can understand the difficulty in painting a clean timeline when everything is still taking place and one doesn’t know what piece fits where.

So, how does it rate you ask? Here’s my take:

Re-read Rating
( ) definitely won’t read again
(x) might read again
( ) definitely would read again

Recommendation Rating
( ) wouldn’t recommend
( ) might recommend
(x) definitely would recommend (especially if you’re a Lindsey Stirling fan!)



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