Heroes of Harrowdale: Session 4

Returning to Harrowdale with the moonstone, we were amazed that so much was dying so quickly after the river’s course had been changed. But between us, we were able to transform the moonstone into a magical latticework that spanned the chasm, restoring the water’s natural flow. A magical, white spire rose from the latticework, forever commemorating what had transpired.

We gathered supplies, information, and errands from those in Harrowdale and set off on horseback toward Anvil. Along the way, we faced a number of setbacks, culminating in a wandering band of undead. We tracked them back to where they had come from and found a cave, whose archway had been protected by the Icons’ magic. But that magic was failing, and undead was escaping.

Fearing the depths, we sought to perform a ritual to reseal the opening, and Arthus summoned a powerful undead to be used for it. That decision proved to be fraught with peril. While we managed to subdue the monster and use its power to seal the archway, it came at the cost of Emberlight and Matraz’s lives.

The remaining two days’ travel to Anvil passed in silence, and when we arrived, we kept our saddened minds and hearts occupied by seeking out contacts there who might be able to help us in our quest.

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