Invisible Army: Session 5

The crazy carnival master swung his sword at me again, but missed. Then his form shifted and he was suddenly a massive Hound that started bounding away. I thought about chasing after it to put it down once and for all, but Thranduin convinced me that we should escape while the exit was still visible. As we ran toward the rent, I felt a burning sensation on my chest. We emerged into the bright light……..

(side note, while we were fighting Felix, Cassandra made a deal with the god of time, who ‘rewound the clock’ 6 hours)

……….We continued to follow the trail of the rhinaffalo and came upon half a man lying in a clearing. At first we thought he was dead as it the entire lower half of his body was missing. But no, he was very much alive, even though his brain was a bit scrambled. James T was his name, and we discovered that some guy named Archie made him like this. Archie works with the guy I saw in my vision, whose name, turns out, is Hagan. We converse with him a bit only to discover that James T was unknowingly transmitting everything back to Archie! So much for our super secret plans of sneaking up on them!

I tried to get a Read on James and was overwhelmed by a vision of this massive spider-like creature commanding an army of robots. At Archie’s command, the robots literally tore James apart. That sight completley unnerved me. The fluid pouring from James’ limbs, the metal of the robots glistening as they were spattered by it. The look of cool contempt from Archie. It all made me feel so dirty! Even after I snapped out of the vision, I could feel the grime coating my body. Thranduin pointed me in the direction of a nearby stream, and I raced to try it to try to get clean.

When I took my shirt off to wash it too, I noticed a red blotch on my chest. It looked like I had been branded with a 6-pointed star! What the!?!? When did that happen? In vain, I tried to scrub it off, but it was no use. Meanwhile, Thranduin must have done something to the river, because it reared up in the shape of a woman and it started telling him off. Something about the water being used for evil or being poison or something like that. The lady didn’t seem to care for me too much, which I was fine with. The last thing I need is to bathe in some poisoned water! I readily gave them some space and got dressed, not entirely sure what was going on. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure we’re in over our heads.

Cassandra and Thranduin both seem to have an idea of where we need to go, so we set off in that direction, after tying James up in a tree, promising to return once we take care of Archie. A short while later, we camped for the night, wanting to be well rested when we faced whatever was ahead.

The next morning, we continued our trek and found ourselves overlooking some sort of dam, blocking the river. The reservoir looked pretty oily…I certainly didn’t want to swim in it. Yuck! Thranduin and I scouted ahead a bit and saw a door that looked like a promising entrance. We headed back to get Cassandra only to find ourselves surrounded by a pack of robo-dogs!


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