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The Throne of Fire

The Throne of Fire
Book 2 of The Kane Chronicles
By Rick Riordan

TheThroneOfFilreThe Throne of Fire is the second book in the Kane Chronicles. The issues I had with the first book, The Red Pyramid, was that it was too shallow, that there wasn’t enough character development, and that it was too full of tropes. So as I cracked open the sequel, I was expecting much of the same.

While The Throne of Fire is still a bit shallow and tropish, I felt it was much better balanced. Even though new characters were introduced, there was better character development all around, and it ended with all the main characters being pretty well flushed out (all things considering). I found one of the new characters especially enjoyable: Bes, the ugly dwarf god. And tropes are present, but I think Rick emptied his quiver in the first book, and this one benefited greatly from it.

In general, I thought this was a big improvement on the first book and set a new standard in my mind for the trilogy. The pacing is still pretty fast, so hold on tight as you join Carter and Sadie in their quest to awaken Ra. Apophis is about to escape his prison, and Ra might be their only hope to save the world. Unfortunately, waking a sleeping god is not as easy as it sounds.

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