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Gemini Cell

Gemini Cell
By Myke Cole

GeminiCellI picked up this book after reading Howard Taylor’s review of the sequel, Javelin Rain, and it was his describing it as “Steven King and Brandon Sanderson perform necromancy on Tom Clancy” that convinced me to start the series. I very quickly realized that Gemini Cell isn’t the first book in a series, but it’s something of a fourth book. It’s another book in the same universe as the Shadow Ops series, but Myke wrote Gemini Cell as another beginning, so if you don’t know anything of his world (which I didn’t), you can pick this up and understand what’s going on.

I’ll give you fair warning, the prequel is slow. Slow enough that it almost turned me off to the book. But Chapter 1 really takes off and the book runs like hell is on its heals for the remainder of the 360+ pages.

Jim is a Navy SEAL – a pristine example of the perfection that the human body is capable of. For him, his excellence at what he does isn’t just a skill, it’s an art. But between his harrowing missions, he has found himself struggling with how to balance his loves of his work and family. Just as he’s realized that he’s going to have to choose between them, everything is ripped from him and he’s thrust into a totally different world….a world of magic.

In my review of The Red Pyramid, I mentioned how I was interested in further exploring what it would have been like to share the body of a god. My curiosity has been sated. Jim ends up sharing his body with a jinn – the magic-imbued soul of a long-dead warrior, and they have to fight for control. The people Jim is working with are amazed at how long he has been sustain that fight, for all the other unions they’ve created have quickly ended with the jinn in full control. But Jim has to do more than just fight for control if he’s going to find out the answers he’s looking for.

There’s so much more I want to say about this book and how fantastic it is, but I’m already toeing the line of giving away too much. But I don’t think a book has grabbed my attention this hard in quite some time. To give an example, I started reading it about 9pm one night and wasn’t able make myself put it away until 2am. I finished the book within the next two days (and would have finished it sooner had I had more ‘me’ time). I’m now keen on reading the next and probably the other three in the series as well.

I’d recommend the book, but I’d be sure to give a caveat about it being quite gory, and it intensely deals with some heavy subjects like death, the afterlife, possession, and zombies.

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