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Perfect State

Perfect State
by Brandon Sanderson

PerfectStateI picked up this book for $.99 during a sale as I’m a big fan of Brandon’s and was interested in this Hugo-nominated novella. At just under 50 pages, I anticipated it being a quick read, and sure enough, it only took me about 45 minutes to tear through it.

Remember Neo from The Matrix? He was ‘The One’ in the simulated reality and had god-like abilities in the matrix. Take that image then expand it to where every real person was ‘The One’ in their own, tailored version of the matrix. That’s the setting for Perfect State. Each real person is (knowingly) in an artificial world where they can conquer, rule, and control it however they see fit. The creators of these worlds, the Wode, inform the people of the illusion, and introduce a number of things which break the ‘fourth wall.’

The Wode need the real people to procreate with each other in an artificial meeting place between their artificial worlds to continue humanity’s real existence (this had a hand-wavy answer as to ‘why,’ which I didn’t find all that satisfying of an answer, but hey, it’s a novella, right?). The parties must all be willing participants, and the resulting meeting between the all-powerful, egotistical ‘gods’ of each world is quite humorous. Throw in a little bit of danger with each person’s unique ‘powers’ not working in this meeting place, and you get a surprising amount of action and intensity. There’s also a highly satisfying plot twist at the end that I didn’t see coming.

All in all, I’m impressed that Brandon Sanderson was able to pack so much into so little. But then again, he’s one of my favorite authors for a reason!

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